Silver Bullets #21 BLOOD PARADISE (2018)

September 19, 2018

 Once more we take a creepy trip down Indie (Not major studio) Horror Hill. Beware of the dangers along the way or you might take a spill on a film can containing Director Patrick Van Barkenberg's BLOOD PARADISE.   Fear not (or maybe you should if you are a jaded audience member) for this picture is the artfully funny, corpuscle spilling deal with a difference to be seen. The opening  pseudo sadism attack handled wonderfully sets the film up.




 BLOOD PARADISE concerns the plight  of best selling author Robin Richards  (Andrea Winter) of the  Blood Paradise series advised to go to a  farm to trigger inspiration for her next best seller. Of course she goes and the  games begin as she meets a obsessive cab driver and  fan Hans Bubi (Christer Cavallius) who gets Richards to sign book after book which he  has  read many times.  Later we meet his wife who obsesses that he spends to much money on the books while she artfully tends a room full of plants and flies that remind one of DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS (1963)  in  amount. Many such  moments  from many characters as  the subtitles click in and  the English pop back in without a loss of content.


Robin Richards is a person out of place in the rural farm community as she dresses in haute couture fashion, worries about her cellphone reception and  drops her clothes to swim naked only to  have her garments taken.

This sets up a wonderful outdoor shot of the naked Richards moving through a field in the daylight.  She  doesn't hunt for her clothes or go where others wouldn't.  The difference is that in other films she would had  the  staggered zombie walk from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) and been covered in blood from her latest rampage or encounter.     Richards walks with hurried purpose of  strong person coping with a  situation.




The  farm where  Richards is staying is not a vicious as  the Inn  in CALVARIE (2004) but you have a similar situation of a farmer obsessed as we later find out with his 'beautiful wife"which becomes important.   


BLOOD PARADISE  is more than funny or  quirky as behind every moment in comedy lurks the mask of tragedy.   The events get graphic as one of the most understated portrayals of  obsession  creeps in close The  Tenant (1976)  in intent and purpose.  A late night delivery of a  fresh toilet roll  to an outhouse has never been more terrifyingly delivered.




Andrea Winter and Patrick Van Barkenberg have co written a screenplay with characters that give actors roles they can find a challenge.  Each person in the film has moments of  dialogue and  business on camera that populate BLOOD PARADISE with a rich background. The quick moments where some actors may have difficulty  saying dialogue convincingly are kept short to  three or  four lines then a cut.  This keeps the action and the story going without listening to someone  struggling in role that  maybe  beyond their present acting abilities  The  challenge in creating quirky roles is that they can overpower the  main story or  turn it into outright silly moments do not happen. 



 BLOOD PARADISE is wonderful photographed with lots of  wood, green grass,  lakes,  hills,  and  interiors.   Transitions keep the flow going giving you time to enjoy the actors and the  scenery around them. In  true fashion you will notice many of the actors doubling as  tech people even performing and writing music. With all the goes on around her Robin Richards remains a  force as it  really is  her  story and  journey as  told in an image with blood patterns on her face. 



 BLOOD PARADISE can be enjoyed non genre audience as well as piece of film making without being overpowered yet it  will  satisfy on all accounts. 


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